Enzymes - Alpha Amylase

The Amylases constitute a large group of enzymes. They are characterized by their ability to hydrolyze 1,4-glucoside linkages in polysaccharides. Alpha-Amylases are exoenzymes. They attack all linkages between glucose units in the starch molecules. The bond hydrolyzed is between carbon and oxygen atom linked to the adjacent glucose group. Alpha-Amylases vary in their effectiveness, depending on their source. The substrate for Alpha-Amylases is starch. Two types of microbial Alpha-Amylases have been recognized and termed "Liquefying and "Saccharifying" Alpha-Amylases. The main difference between them is that the saccharifying enzyme produces a higher yield of reducing sugar than liquifying enzymes.

  • Alpha amylase enzymes are used to hydrolyze the starch.
  • Alpha amylases are used in the textile and paper industries, mainly to dissolve and remove starch or to coat starch paper.
  • Amylases are used in laundry to remove the spots from clothes in conjugation with proteases.
  • Amylase also used in brewing industries in initial breakdown of starchy substrates.
  • Amylases are used in clarification of fruit juices for jam and jelly manufacture.
  • Amylases are used in production of chocolate syrups.
  • Amylase is a digestive enzyme needed to digest carbohydrates.Therefore, Amylases has a vast significance in day-to-day industrial fields.