Enzymes - Cellulase

Cellulases are a class of enzymes which catalyze the breakdown of Beta-1,4-Glucosidic bonds. These are cellulose 1,4-Beta-cellobiosidase, endo-1,4-Beta-D-glucanase(CX-cellulase) and Beta-Glucosidases ( BG-cellulase). C1-cellulase can degrade Beta-1,4-Glucosidases into small molecular cellulose. CX-cellulase can degrade cellulose into cellobiose and BG-cellulase can degrade cellobiose and cellotriose into glucose
  • Cellulase can destroy the plant cell wall, help animal to make good use of feedstuff. Destroy the plant cell wall, make nutrients contact endo-digestive enzyme more adequately and then improve the digestibility of nutritional substance inside cells.
  • Increase the acidity, improve the environment in alimentary tract and activate the peptase
  • Supplement the deficiency of endo-enzymes of herbivore.
  • Eliminate the anti-nutritional elements, reduce the viscosity of gastrointestinal chyme, promote the diffusion of endo-enzymes and enhance the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Cellulase is used in animal healthcare as a feed supplement for better FCR and Milk yeild enhancer in Poultry and Cattle industry.
  • Cellulase is used in textile industry as a desizing agent