Probiotics for Aqua - Bio Aquarium (Ammonia Reducer)

BIO AQUARIUM (Ammonia reducer)

The fish are simply poisoned by high levels of ammonia (NH3) that is produced by the bacterial mineralization of fish wastes, excess food, the decomposition of animal and plant tissues and lets not forget, the additional ammonia that is excreted directly into the water by the fish themselves.

The effects of ammonia poisoning in fish include; extensive damage to tissues, especially the gills and kidney; physiological imbalances; impaired growth; decreased resistance to disease, and death.



Nitrosomonas sps.,

Nitrobacter sps.,

Denitrificans sps.,

Moisture 10-15% for microbe live condition

v  Each gram contains 1X108  CFU


Do not use this with any other chemicals.

Keep in cool and dry places.


BIO AQUARIUM can removes ammonia by the process of nitrification and denitrification.

BIO AQUARIUM provide good environment for Prawn and Fish.

BIO AQUARIUM degrades the organic compounds and other chemical pollutants in water treatment.

BIO AQUARIUM stops the plankton crash and control PH levels and hardness.

Nitrosomonas bacteria convert ammonia (NH3) to nitrite (NO2)

Nitrobacter bacteria convert nitrite (NO2) to nitrite (NO3).

Denitrification bacteria convert nitrate (NO3) to Nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2).


Apply 1 kg of BIO AQUARIUM in 1 acre pond or as directed by consultant.

Mix with sand or Vermi compost broadcast uniformly in 1 acre pond.


1 kg X 25 =25 kg HDPE bag