Probiotics for Aqua - Bio Yeast

BIO YEAST (Single cell protein)


An increasing body of research indicates that yeast cultures may have importantbenefits in aquaculture feeds as sources of nucleotides and beta-glucans, and as potential growth promoters.

Nucleotides, the basic building blocks of DNA and RNA, are required for all metabolic process and are naturally occurring in all foods animals and vegetable origin.

Animals utilize nucleotides present if food; most cells have the ability to synthesize them. Their use in products for fish and shrimp, there will be more as a number of products are being commercially used with good results. A review of the literature suggests that nucleotides derived from yeast affect growth and disease resistance in farmed fish


Saccharomyces sps.,

v  Each gram contains 108  CFU


Do not use this with any other chemicals.

Keep in cool and dry places.


Mix 5kg of BIO YEAST in 1Ton of normal feed or as directed by consultant.


1 kg X 25 =25 kg HDPE bag