Probiotics for Aqua - Bio Oxy (DO Improver)

BIO OXY (DO Improver)

To optimize aquatic ecological structure and to regulate water quality, Photosynthetic algae and effective microorganism were added to fishponds. Increase the dissolved oxygen and primary production in the pond.


BIO OXY can improves Oxygen levels

BIO OXY promotes the plankton.

BIO OXY controls pH levels.


Photosynthetic algae

Each ml contains 10000 cfu.


Add 1 liter. of BIO OXY into 200 liters of drinking water with the mixture of 5 kg DAP & 5 kg potash and keep it for some time.(for culture development) apply directly in 1 acre pond once in 15 days or as directed by consultant.


Do not use this with any other pesticides.

Keep in cool and dry places.


1 Lt. X 10=10 Lt. Cord Board Box

5 Lt. X 4 = 20 Lt. Cord Board Box

25 Lt. X 1 =25 Lt. HDPE CAN