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VAM fungi Biofertilizers:-

Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza (VAM) is by far the most widespread types of mycorrhiza the VAM fungi penetrate into the cortical host cells, but the invading mycelium usually lives only a short time intracellular. VAM fungi do not form sheath as around the root, but a network of extrametrical hyphae usually develops. This grows into the soil and can extend the mycelium several centimeters beyond the root surface. The total hyphal length can reach more than one meter of hyphae per infected root.

There is an increased uptake of nutrients and water transport from soil, particularly in fertile soil and thus an increase in plant growth.

Mycorrhizal roots may effort protection to trees and annual plants from infection by feeder root pathogens which either reduce or kill growth in plants (Biological Control).

Mycorrhiza makes plants drought and frost resistant.

The VAM or ectomycorrhizal fungi control the disease by producing antibiotics or root exudation which favors the growth of mycorrhized fungi. There are evidences that the mycorrhizal fungi also produce oxalic acid in sufficient quantities which suppress the growth of pathogenic fungi selectively. The Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (VAM Fungi) help the plants to intake more Zn, S, Cu, P, Ca, K, Fe, Mn, and Br from the soil. It infection increases the growth rate in plants. It increases the absorption of water by plants from the soil and overcome the water stress in the soil while drought prevails.



Glomus mosseae clarum, Glomus intaradices

Gigaspora margarita , Pisolithus arhizus

           *Each gram contains 1000 IP


Ready to apply Powder or Liquid


Can be used in all crops, However, it is specially recommended in Rice, Tobacco, Sugarcane, Maize, Corn, Wheat, Sunflower, Rape Groundnut, Soybean, Coffee, Tea, Vegetable, Ornamentals, etc.


Mix 2 kg of BIO E RICH with 50 kg Farm yard manure or sand and broadcast uniformly in one acre field.


Do not use this with any other chemicals.

Keep in cool and dry places.


1 kg X 25 No =25 kg card board box