Biofertilizers - Bio 'N 'Fix


Nitrogen fixing Microbes:-

Nitrogen is the most abundant element in our atmosphere. It is a vital element as many classes of compounds essential to living systems are nitrogen containing compounds. Nitrogen is a primary nutrient for all green plants, but it must be modified before it can be

 readily utilized by most living systems. Nitrogen fixation is one process by which nodules nitrogen is reduced form ammonia. This complex process is carried out by nitrogen fixing bacteria present in the soil.

Rhizobium Biofertilizers: - (Nitrogen Fixing Microbes)

Bacteria of the genus Rhizobium play a very important role in agriculture by inducing nitrogen fixing nodules on the roots of legumes such as peas, beans, clover, green gram, ground nuts and soybean etc… Rhizobium can fix atmospheric nitrogen only in the root nodules of legumes. The nodules are the sites of nitrogen fixation. In most cases the rhizobia bacteria produces indole acetic acid (IAA) as stimulatory substance. These Bacterial cells multiply and colonize inside the plant roots. Then they become dormant cells called Bacteroid. These bacteroids are capable of N2 fixation. The bacteria obtain their nutrients and source of energy from the plant and in turn fix atmospheric nitrogen and make it available to the plant. The nitrogen is fixed in the nodules with the help of the enzyme nitrogenase. 


            Rhizobium sps.,

            Moisture 15 to 20% for microbe live condition

            *Each gram contains 1X108 CFU


Ready to apply powder


However, it is specially recommended in Cereals like Black gram, Groundnut, Soybean and etc.


Mix 2 kg of BIO N FIX with 50 kg Farm yard manure or sand and broadcast uniformly in one acre field.


Do not use this with any other chemicals.

Keep in cool and dry places.


500 g X 30 No =15 kg card board box