Biofertilizers - Bio Power



1.      There is a marvellous invention in SKS BIO POWER fertilizer which is natural organic fertilizer. It is made from huge organic manure like sugar dust, Azotobacter, Phosphate solubilizing bacteria, VAM and Other Bio control agents.

2.      If you use SKS BIO POWER fertilizer which is made from huge natural ingredients in place D.A.P. chemical fertilizer which is made from chemical process, your expense will reduce, production will increase and soil will become fruitful.

3.      SKS BIO POWER fertilizer. It is a best option when you add fertilizer in sawing. There are all elements in SKS BIO POWER fertilizer which is essential for plants or tree.

4.      There are natural ingredients in SKS BIO POWER fertilizer so soil’s hardness will reduce. Soil will become good and soft.

5.      Very essential in vegetation growth and best in natural elements is pure vermiwash which is in SKS BIO POWER fertilizer. Soil moisture capacity will increase very highly.

6.      Soil which was become bad because a use of chemical fertilizer will become fruitful again. There is a huge growth in production.

7.      Soil predation strength will increase and salts will decrease. Soil will become fruitful, conditional and soft with the help SKS BIO POWER fertilizer.

8.      The crops, fruits, flowers, cereals which are made from this fertilizer will healthy, testy and high quality.

9.      There is a creation of wide range of earthworm and Bactria in soil if you use this fertilizer. So plant strength to fight with disease will increase so disease like fungi, emaciated will be stop. Your farm production will increase.

10. Natural fertilizer gives a guarantee to increase in farm production then D.A.P. fertilizer.

11. If you use SKS BIO POWER fertilizer in cotton, groundnut, gira, green seed, maize, cereals and wheat, bazri, gram, tobacco, potato, sugarcane, banana, chilly and all types of crops and vegetables and fruits and trees then you can get very high profit.





Macro & Micro nutrients with sugar dust


Ready to apply Powder


Can be used in all crops.


Apply 80-200 kg of BIO POWER   per one acre.



Do not use this with any other pesticides.

Keep in cool and dry places.


40 kg X 1 No =40 Kg HDPE Bag