Biopesticides - SKS PF

This bacterium produces antibiotics which inhibit the growth of pathogens. It also produces siderophores, which chelate the iron in the soil and make it difficult for the pathogen to proliferate. It interferes with germination of the fungal spores and their growth mechanisms, thus preventing establishment of the pathogen on the crops. It secretes several plant growth substances which help to induce vigorous growth of the plants. Grows abundantly on host surface and acts as a shield, thus preventing penetration of nematodes.

A versatile biocontrol agent for the management of rice and banana diseases. The product is also found to be especially effective against several other crop diseases caused by fungal / bacterial diseases and nematodes. 

Rice is affected by a number of fungal and bacterial diseases. The important diseases are: Blast, Brown leaf spot, Sheath rot, Sheath blight, and Bacterial leaf blight.

Though there are several chemical fungicides available, none of them has been found to control all diseases; for each disease a specific fungicide has to be used. This results in increased cost of fungicides and also results in harmful chemical residues in grain and straw. Scientists, after extensive research have found out that the biocontrol agent Pseudomonas fluorescens can be used effectively for the management of all the above diseases of rice.a