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Trichoderma viride is a safe economical, eco-friendly and effective bio pesticide. Based on the antagonistic fungus

Diseases control:-
Wilt, root & stem rots, damping off, several seed and soil borne diseases in such crops such as rice, sugarcane, tobacco, Peanut, fruit crops, coffee, rubber, tea, soybean, pepper, turmeric, cardamom, ginger, vegetables etc. 

Mode of action 
Controls fungal pathogens by colonizing and protecting the root and hypocotyl regions, suppresses the growth of disease causing organisms by action of mycoparasitism and antibiosis; multiplies and perpetuates continuously, providing protection for a long duration.

Precaution after treatment: 
The product contains only biological agents and as such no toxic products are formed. Therefore, no precaution is required during normal agricultural operations or at the time of harvest. But in order to protect the bioagents, it is recommended not to apply chemical pesticides or fertilizers atleast 10 days before and after application of the biocontrol agent.