Effluent Treatment - Bio Treat-M


All the industries are having their limitations on the concentration of the pollutants they can discharge to the sewer. COD is considered a conventional pollutant. When an industry or combination of industries discharge large amounts of COD over a short period of time .The environment typically implies elevated levels of BOD, COD and often entails higher sewage which seems to be increasing day by day


SKS BIO PRODUCTS PVT LTD is finding success in dramatically reducing BOD and COD levels. More than 10 effluent and sewage treatment plants using this product successfully in INDIA alone, with an innovative product introduced with Trade name- BIOTREAT-M showing an unique ability to reduce the COD and BOD .It is a complex mixture of microorganisms which will treat the effluent against any toxicity due to ammonia, sulphates , heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons etc.

BIO TREAT-M designed to work with indigenous microbes in Waste water Treatment Plants to create healthier, more effective process that can reduce the hazardous pollutants

BIO TREAT-M a mixture of highly active microbes speeds up the natural reduction of pollution by allowing the pollutants to become non toxic and non hazardous materials.

Solid reduction, reduced BOD, COD, less sludge hauling and decrease in the use of inorganic chemicals

BIO TREAT-M helps to create an Ecosystem to build up the Aerobic bacterial population and higher Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels. It will also create favourable conditions for the proliferation of cyno-and photosynthetic bacteria

BIO TREAT-M has small energy systems, which are capable of splitting water molecules, thereby producing elemental oxygen. It is nothing but rebuilding Nature in the Effluent Treatment Plant.

BIO TREAT-M is a complex mixture of microorganisms and biomolecules treats the effluents containing any toxic materials like Ammonia, Sulphates,heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds, oil and greaseetc.


All useful mixed bacteria.

Moisture 10-15% for microbe live condition   (Powder form)

*Each gram or ml contains 1X108 CFU



Ready to apply powder or Liquid


Add 0.5 gm to 1 gm BIO TREAT-M per litre of Raw effluent water or as directed by consultant 



Do not use this with any other chemicals.

Keep in cool and dry places.



1 kg X 25 =25 kg Card Board Box



Initial reduction levels at the corrugator are reported to be impressive. COD has been reduced from 4,380mg/l to 180mg/l within 10 days. While BOD has gone from 1,460 mg/l to 73 mg/L within 10 days


Our wide range of treatment plants and chemicals are widely used across variousindustries owing to their impeccable quality. The range is used in the followingindustries:

Industries catered:

Brewery industry

Textile industry

Chemical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Leather industry

Other small industries & Municipal waste water

Effluent parametersInitial COD/ BOD levelReduct-ion of COD/ BODDO in aeration tankPH in TankColour of treated effluent
S.NoType of industryProbiotic application
1Ethanol production/ Distillery unitsBefore3,000/1,500----0.6-0.84.0-6.0Pale Yellow
2Sewage / canteenBefore750/ 450----1.0-1.56.0Turbid
3Bulk drug unitsBefore5,000/3,000----0.2-0.44.0-6.0Reddish
After----500/ 2002.5-3.56.8-7.5clear