Organic Feed Supplements - Min Organic (Minerals)

MIN ORGANIC (Minerals & Probiotics)


MIN ORGANIC provides essential constituents of soft tissue and skeletal structures.

MIN ORGANIC play a key role in the maintenance of osmotic pressure.

MIN ORGANIC serve as essential components of many organic minerals, enzymes and Vitamins.

Better Feed utilization (15-30%) and therefore, less feed waste and improves weight gain.


Calcium                                   850 gm

Manganese                              27.5 gm

Iodine                                      1.0 gm

Magnesium                              10.5 gm

Potassium                                10.0 gm

Zinc                                         15.0 gm

Iron                                          8.0 gm

Copper                                     2.0 gm

Cobalt                                      0.50 gm

Vitamin B12                             8.0 mg

Vitamin B2                              1.5 gm

Vitamin D3                              10,00,000 IU

Vitamin E                                900 IU

Vitamin K                               1.0 gm

Vitamin A                               10,00,000 IU

Choline chloride                      5.0% w/w

Lactobacillus sps.,                   106 CFU/gm

      Bacillus sps.,                           106 CFU/gm


Water Application: Apply 5 to 10 kg per acre pond

Feed Application: Mix 5 to 10 kg per 1 ton feed


2 kg. X 10 =20 kg Cord Board Box

10 kg X 1 =10 kg. PP bag