Laboratory facilities and Instrumentation capabilities:-

SKS BIOPRODUCTS PVT LTD. has located in the Gudivada, near Vijaywada (INDIA). SKS contains wet laboratories fully equipped for the development of microbial preparations, fermentation technology-based.

Laboratory personnel has extensive in Biofertilizers (Agri), Probiotics (Aqua, Poultry, Veterinary and Effluent water treatment), and Enzymes (Textile, Leather, Beverages and Paper Industry) based on submerged fermentation technology and Solid substrate fermentation technology.

Facilities Available

  • 500 ft R&D laboratory
  • 10000 lit fermentation facility
  • 1500 ft Solid-state fermentation facility
  • 500 Kg/ hr steam generator
  • 3000 CFU clean air system
  • Facilities for downstream processing and packaging
  • R&D Facility for extraction, purification, and process development for Biomolecules.
  • Installed capacity of 1000 tones per month of Enzymes, Probiotics, and Biomolecules.
  • Contract manufacture and R&D services.

SKS maintains high standards of documentation while developing reagents and protocols. Product development and manufacturing at SKS BIOPRODUCTS PVT LTD.